Patricia Hofer


Patricia Hofer ended her high school teaching career in the early 1980’s and found her way to Boston for a job with a publisher. Besides learning to research and edit, she eventually had several articles published. After returning to Arizona, she taught freshman English and technical writing at Glendale Community College. Hofer is now retired and living in the lovely mountain town of Payson, AZ. She is currently at work on her seventh book.

Are we answering the Lord’s call for mercy?

RARE IS THE PERSON WHO CAN WEIGH THE FAULTS OF ANOTHER WITHOUT PUTTING HIS THUMB ON THE SCALE. This clear image is Paraguayan in origin. It reminds me of how wrong I can sometimes be in my first impressions of people.…I remember misreading one person’s motives because the “thumb” of my own self-righteousness was on the scale. And so this person’s opinionated righteousness really irritated me. It’s interesting that I should respond that way when… Continue reading