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Although I share experiences from my life in all of my books, Power of Yielding is the most autobiographical. It peels back the layers of my spiritual pilgrimage, describing a saving moment that was irreversible and life changing. It moved me from the shadows of denominational believing into the sunshine of Christ. My religious upbringing was not without its benefits, however, so I must give credit where credit is due. My childhood and young adult years in the Christian Science church gave me two things: a thorough Bible background and a daily reliance on God and prayer. These continue in my life today.

Almost 30 years since my dramatic conversion experience, walking with the Lord has continued to be a constant and rewarding surprise. He fills my days with new opportunities and fresh moments of insight. And those, supported by the inspiration and thoughts from many great Christians, are what I write about. A series of smaller, more readable books has resulted. The six books in this day-by-day series are Driving Into The Dawn (2007), Yielding To Wonder (2009), Turning Aside To See (2011), Living Large (2012), Living Strong (2015), Living Calm (2016) and Can Reincarnation and “Near Death Experiences” be Christian? (2017).

My high school teaching career ended in the early 1980’s when I moved to Boston to work in publishing. Besides learning to research and edit, some of my writing was first published during that time. After returning to Arizona, I taught freshman English and technical writing at Glendale Community College for fifteen years. I’m now actively involved in Facebook discussions and blogs, hoping to continue the conversation that has motivated my life for so many years.

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