Yielding To Christianity

Patricia Hofer


Continuum of consciousness explored in Living Strong.

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Christ’s greater life is our life.

Our strength

Here see your hands,

Here wiggle your feet.

Here lies your heart,

Feel its every beat.

This is our life,

Appearing to be

All that we’ll know,

All there is to “me.”

But we are more

Than nature defines,

A living soul

With a conscious mind.

Not here, not there,

But something apart.

“Lo, I’m with you,”

Speaking in our heart.

Giving comfort,

Pushing back the night.

Ever awake,

Lifting us to light.… Continue reading

Christ is truly our only cause–not political or social agendas.

WOE TO HIM WHO SITS UPON A BRANCH. I haven’t before seen any phrasing as clear and direct as this Croatian wisdom, but I grew up often hearing of the dangers of balancing precariously in this way. And I myself have fallen several times, unable to escape from my own opinionated stubbornness.

During my willful young adult years, I spoke up often with proud certitude and religious zeal. And in my small church, one couple… Continue reading

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