Yielding To Christianity

Patricia Hofer


Continuum of consciousness explored in Living Strong.

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Jesus’ truth-telling was governed by his mercy.

FOLKS LIKE THE TRUTH THAT HITS THEIR NEIGHBOR. I grew up hearing Aesop’s “Honesty is the best policy,” so I found this American proverb, which shows honesty as sometimes less than a virtue, an interesting surprise.
Jesus, who certainly was a truth teller, was selective in the times he practiced it. One good example of that is when the “mother of the sons of Zebedee” came before him kneeling and asking, “Declare that these two… Continue reading

Prayer helps with loneliness.

Prayer helps with loneliness. When we feel isolated or feel we are fighting alone in a desperate situation, God is there. But how do we talk to Him?
Recently my mother and I had a conversation about that. She has always memorized hymns and Bible verses that she finds inspiring. And so, in her reminiscing, she felt sad that my father never had that kind of comfort. Always relying on her prayers, Dad hadn’t memorized… Continue reading

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