Yielding To Christianity

Patricia Hofer


Continuum of consciousness explored in Living Strong.

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Christianity isn’t a game of hide and seek!

Have you ever wondered why a Christian’s relationship with the Lord can, at times, seem a little like “hide and seek”?  In her book “The God of All Comfort,” Hannah Whitall Smith relates a story where a Christian worker asked a little girl, “Have you found the Saviour?” The little girl replied with wonder and amazement, “Why, I did not know the Saviour was lost” (11)!

The words seek and find do appear… Continue reading

How does a person pray–seriously

Have you ever wondered what serious praying should include?

My experience is that as often as we may talk about praying, we really don’t get around to it that much, at least not in the devoted way we think we should. …Maybe we have gotten the idea that real praying involves an earnestness that we don’t have. Or we may think it requires hours of concentrated effort, that we must grind on and on about… Continue reading

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