Yielding To Christianity

Patricia Hofer


Continuum of consciousness explored in Living Strong.

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Ever recognized “the face of God” as Jacob did?

The Old Testament became more meaningful to me when I realized that it recorded how a people built a relationship with a God they could not see. How difficult that is! Unlike pagan gods that took their form from visible natural forces and animals, God revealed Himself to Abraham as an invisible, but living, Presence or Person, with the capacity not only for power and purpose but for great love.

Maturing into such a spiritual… Continue reading

Christ puts us back on the right road.

WHAT GOOD IS RUNNING WHEN YOU’RE ON THE WRONG ROAD? This bit of conventional wisdom catches us all. And we tend to stay on the wrong roa longer than we should. Why is that? It’s quite likely that we Christians stay on the wrong road because we like who we are! Sometimes we’re more selfish than we want to be. Sometimes we’re more fearful than we want to be. But that doesn’t mean we’re ready… Continue reading

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