Patricia Hofer

Living Large

How did the religious impulse begin?Does Christian believing allow for scientific research?If moral behavior isn’t a natural propensity, where did it come from?Christianity is large enough and deep enough to embrace all of our complex questions, doubts, and speculations. What gets us nowhere is apathy, passively accepting a doctrinal adherence that we listen to only on Sunday.

Hofer’s writing draws you into a vital relationship with the Lord that has thrived for almost twenty-five years. Besides offering some daily doses of practical insight and inspiration, Living Large investigates the source of religious believing and the origin of moral behavior. It looks natural science directly in the eye. And it reflects the author’s growing appreciation for the Old Testament.

The fourth book in this series, Living Large follows the same format as Driving into the Dawn, Yielding to Wonder and Turning Aside to See. It contains easy-to-read two-page chapters, each opening with a psalm that leads to daily study.

Hofer’s first book, Power of Yielding, described her dramatic conversion experience and the lifetime pilgrimage that it initiated. She continues to read widely, journeying on, searching for similar spiritual awakenings and essential Christian truths.

If you’re ready to enrich your Christian faith with a greater understanding of what you believe, this is the book for you.

Linving Large

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