Patricia Hofer

Driving into the Dawn

Do you sometimes have doubts about your Christian beliefs and your spirituality? Are you confronted with questions of faith more often than you want to be? Does your heart yearn for the confidence and joy that come with the Lord’s “second blessing”?If so, Patricia Hofer is offering you an invitation to travel along with her, to find new meaning and practicality in the Lord’s sanctifying grace. Her short chapters offer readable, daily installments, some that will reassure you and some that will provoke further study. Each reflects how the Lord works in our hearts day by day, coming to us most often in the small moves of singly focused thoughts.Hofer’s first book Power of Yielding was an inspiring mental pilgrimage, where she related her dramatic conversion experience and described the personal relationship with the Lord that resulted from it.Today Hofer continues to read widely, searching for similar spiritual awakenings in the lives of other Christians and for the most fundamental and essential Christian truths. Her earlier background in Christian Science and decades of research, study, and prayer since leaving that denomination give her writing a unique, refreshing perspective.Perhaps some of the Lord’s answers to Hofer’s many questions are meant for you as well. Driving into the Dawn

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