Yielding To Christianity

Patricia Hofer

The liberty of God comes when we die to self.

“The liberty of the God that would have his creature free, is in contest with the slavery of the creature who would cut his own stem from his root that he might call it his own and love it; who rejoices in his own consciousness, instead of the life of that consciousness; who poises himself on the tottering wall of his own being, instead of the rock on which that being is built. Such a… Continue reading

Christ is larger than our loneliness

Larger than ever-spreading sky,

Stronger than ev’ry law of earth,

Calmer than a mirror-like sea,

Is the God-Life that gives you birth.


Larger than any span of time,

Stronger far than bone and sinew,

Calmer than nature’s ebbing flow,

Is the God-Love that breathes in you.


Living larger, stronger, calmer

Is what the Saviour comes to show

To his Father’s loved and loving

Children who labor here below.


Larger than all our… Continue reading

Day-by-Day Series

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Linving Large Living Strong Living Calm