Yielding To Christianity

Patricia Hofer

George MacDonald offers a “region” for miracles

George MacDonald wrote:“I will try, in a few words, to give the ground on which I find it possible to accept miracles. … All I want to show here is a conceivable region in which a miracle might take place without violence done to the order of things. Our power of belief depends greatly on our power of imagining a region in which such things might be. … No miracle was needful for himself [Jesus].… Continue reading

CS Lewis poses the idea of many floors, “different Natures” of being

CS Lewis: “We are prepared, on the one hand, for the sort of reality that Naturalists believe in. That is a one-floor reality: this present Nature is all that there is. We are also prepared for reality as ‘religion’ conceives it: a reality with a ground floor (Nature) and then above that one other floor and one only—an eternal, spaceless, timeless, spiritual Something of which we can have no images and which, if it presents… Continue reading

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