Yielding To Christianity

Patricia Hofer

Tender, healing, joyous, loving, saving Christ

My Saviour

Tender Christ, forever near, Help me feel your presence here. Focus me on thy pure light, Inward singleness of sight.


Healing Christ, deliver me. Spirit whole and sound and free Deep within my heart abide; Loose my soul of pain and pride.


Joyous Christ, sweet inner glow, Oh that you can move me so, Trade thou darkest night for peace—Daunting fears for glad… Continue reading

The mind of Christ

Help us to help each other, Lord, each other’s cross to bear; let each his friendly aid afford, and feel another’s care.

Up into thee, our living head, let us in all things grow, and by thy sacrifice be led the fruits of love to show.

Touched by the lodestone of thy love let all our hearts agree; and ever towards each other move, and ever move towards thee.

This is the bond of perfectness,… Continue reading

Day-by-Day Series

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