Yielding To Christianity

Patricia Hofer

The 1st and 21st century meaning of “heaven.”

This is from the 4th century Augustine: “It seems that we are right, then, in understanding the first heaven in general as this whole corporeal heaven (to use a general term), namely all that is above the waters and the earth, and the second heaven as the object of spiritual vision seen in bodily likenesses (as, for instance, the vision see by Peter in ecstasy when he saw the dish let down from above full… Continue reading

The “wide awake real” of God’s presence in us.

“Let us in all the troubles of life remember–that our one lack is life–that what we need is more life–more of the life-making presence in us making us more, and more largely, alive. … He has the victory who, in the midst of pain and weakness, cries out, not for death, not for the repose of forgetfulness, but for strength to fight; for more power, more consciousness of being, more God in him; … To… Continue reading

Day-by-Day Series

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