Yielding To Christianity

Patricia Hofer

Faith is God-inspired thought.

While most neuroscientists still maintain that human consciousness is going to be found somewhere in the brain’s firing neurons, others are less sure. More and more today there is support for what CS Lewis concluded in Miracles when he wrote. “The rational and moral element in each human mind is a point of force from the Supernatural working its way into Nature .…” These ethical and moral impulses are likely “conditioned” by the brain’s “receiving… Continue reading

Faith in God’s plan–not our plan.

“Faith is not the fervent setting of the mind on ‘believing’ for such-and-such an outcome–more often than not a desire generated by the man’s own soul–as if we, and not God were the originators and initiators of faith by the strength of our passions, the fervor of our prayers, and the forcefulness of our mental processes. True faith, rather, is that which, knowing the Lord’s will, goes and does it, or, not knowing it, stands… Continue reading

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