Patricia Hofer

Turning Aside to See

You walk into a room, determined not to get angry and upset again. And yet you do.You prayed away your guilt from something you did last week, or last year, or a decade ago — only to have the regret and shame flood in one day out of nowhere.After practicing patience or kindness for years, you lose it all, in a single conversation.Where is the permanency in Christian regeneration? Why are our choices easier to make than to maintain? If these experiences or questions describe your walk as a Christian, this book is for you.Third in a series, Turning Aside to See continues the day-by-day journey that has been established in Driving into the Dawn and Yielding to Wonder. Each two-page chapter begins with a proverb. Sometimes Hofer agrees with its conventional wisdom, applying it in some way to Christian experience. At other times she shows how Christianity contradicts the proverb, freeing us from worldly assumptions and logic.

Hofer’s first book, Power of Yielding, described her dramatic conversion experience and the lifetime pilgrimage that it initiated. She continues to read widely, journeying on, searching for similar spiritual awakenings and essential Christian truths.

Her writing draws you into a relationship with the Lord that has thrived for over twenty years. Are you ready to turn aside to see?


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