Patricia Hofer

Living Strong

Living Strong

Healing and wholeness.
Comfort and confidence.
Spirituality and faith.
Continuing life and individuality.If you’re seeking any of these things, it’s time to open your heart to the world of Living Strong.Unlike Living Large, which took Christian believing into the outer spaces of the natural world, with her latest book, Hofer journeys into the inner spaces of the human heart, into the God-inspired soul of human consciousness.
In this interior pilgrimage, modern day Christians walk beside John Bunyan’s pilgrims, and Old Testament prophets face off with neuroscience researchers. Those who have had “near death” experiences share the road with C. S. Lewis and George MacDonald. St. Augustine and St. Paul draw a surprising and unique roadmap. And the Lord himself leads the way.

The fifth book in a series of six, Living Strong follows the same format as Living Large, Turning Aside to See, Yielding to Wonder, and Driving into the Dawn. Each book contains easy to read two-page chapters, designed to inspire daily study and contemplation.

Hofer’s first book, Power of Yielding, described her dramatic conversion experience and the lifetime pilgrimage that it initiated. She continues to read widely, searching for similar spiritual awakenings and the most inspiring and essential Christian truths.

Are you ready to be a pilgrim? To tie on your shoes and continue on in your walk with the Lord?

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