Yielding To Christianity

Patricia Hofer

“More than What we Seem”

I wonder what I would be
If God did not live in me.
Would I dream? Would I wonder?
Would I even hope to own
A soul through eternity?

Wouldn’t I wander off in fear,
Seeking always, far and near,
Pushing and shoving my way
Along, without a purpose,
Nothing that rings true and clear?

I wonder what I would be
Without Christ alive in me,
Without his way of seeing,
Without his loving, unique… Continue reading

Christ’s presence “in the room”

CS Lewis (Screwtape, the devil, lecturing Wormwood, his pupil, on how to win someone away from spiritual experience: “The best thing, where it is possible, is to keep the patient from the serious intention of praying altogether. … But whatever the nature of the composite object, you must keep him praying to it—to the thing that he has made, not to the Person who has made him…For if he ever comes to make the distinction,… Continue reading

Day-by-Day Series

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