Yielding To Christianity

Patricia Hofer

God’s love is not limited or unjust

Have you ever wondered whether God’s love and blessing are only for a chosen few? George MacDonald, who grew up as a Presbyterian and was trained to be a preacher, struggled mightily with the doctrine of predestination, the theology that only some are destined for salvation. After a lifetime of pondering the unlimited nature of God’s love and the necessary fairness of divine justice, he wrote: “I will accept no explanation of any way of… Continue reading

Finding Christ “and everything else thrown in”

One of the most profound descriptions of Christianity that I’ve read: “At the beginning I said there were Personalities in God. I will go further now. There are no personalities anywhere else. Until you have given up yourself to Him you will not have a real self. Sameness is to be found most among the most ‘natural’ men, not among those who surrender to Christ…But there must be a real giving up of the self.… Continue reading

Day-by-Day Series

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