Yielding To Christianity

Patricia Hofer

D. Marty Lloyd Jones on the difference between meekness and self-pity

In his Studies in the Sermon on the Mount, D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones offers this as a difference between self-pity and meekness: “Meekness is essentially a true view of oneself, expressing itself in attitude and conduct with respect to others… The man who is truly meek never pities himself, he is never sorry for himself. He never talks to himself and says, ‘You are having a hard time, how unkind these people are not to understand… Continue reading

George MacDonald and Mother Teresa on mercy

Referring to the person who might wrong us, George MacDonald wrote: “Even if he should take advantage of you, that is only so much the worse for him, but does you no harm. It is a very small matter to you whether another man does you right; it is life or death to you whether you do him right” (Discovering the Character of God, p. 293). 

Mother Teresa said: “We tell people how kind,… Continue reading

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