Patricia Hofer


Patricia Hofer ended her high school teaching career in the early 1980’s and found her way to Boston for a job with a publisher. Besides learning to research and edit, she eventually had several articles published. After returning to Arizona, she taught freshman English and technical writing at Glendale Community College. Hofer is now retired and living in the lovely mountain town of Payson, AZ. She is currently at work on her seventh book.

Growing IN grace, not INTO grace.

For those of us who may be trying to ‘grow in grace’: “The trouble with every such case is simply this: they are trying to grow INTO grace instead of IN it. They are like a rosebush planted by a gardener in the hard, stony path with a view to its growing INTO the flower-bed, and which has of course dwindled and withered in consequence instead of flourishing and maturing. …To grow in grace is… Continue reading