Patricia Hofer


Patricia Hofer ended her high school teaching career in the early 1980’s and found her way to Boston for a job with a publisher. Besides learning to research and edit, she eventually had several articles published. After returning to Arizona, she taught freshman English and technical writing at Glendale Community College. Hofer is now retired and living in the lovely mountain town of Payson, AZ. She is currently at work on her seventh book.

What does being created in God’s “image” mean?

Being created in God’s “image” means that each human being walks out into the world with a consciousness breathed into us by our Creator. The problem for us is that this inspiration of consciousness, motivated as it is by Christ’s spirit, is trying to communicate with a brain that would rather not listen!

I think Jesus is distinguishing these two motivators, the goodness of our conscious spirit and the badness of the brain’s selfishness, when… Continue reading