Yielding To Christianity

Patricia Hofer


Continuum of consciousness explored in Living Strong.

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Let Christ carry the stress and burdens and doubts.

Juliana of Norwich, a 14th century anchorite and Christian mystic, spent her life with very little social interaction. In her writing she discussed “two kinds of sickness” that block our path with “spiritual blindness” (Chambers 98).
• The first “sickness” is impatience. We get fed up with our continuing sinfulness, with the lack of change in our heart and actions. Unable to stem the flood of our own thoughts and desires, we charge forward. We… Continue reading

Christ is greater than any one denomination.

THE RATTAN BASKET CRITICIZES THE PALM-LEAFED BAG, STILL BOTH ARE FULL OF HOLES. This wonderful proverb originating in the Philippines can obviously be applied to many things. For me, it could describe why denominationalism in the Christian churches is such a struggle—too many containers and all with holes!

Perhaps the only time there wasn’t more than one way to practice Christianity was when Jesus was teaching it. And even then Peter and John didn’t always… Continue reading

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