Yielding To Christianity

Patricia Hofer


Continuum of consciousness explored in Living Strong.

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God takes our side by sending His Son to save us.

Jan van Ruusbroec, a 14th century Flemish priest and mystic, wrote of our dual nature in his inspired treatise, The Spiritual Espousals. He called this imprint of one upon another a “meeting” where “the being and life that we are in God … is immediately and indivisibly united with the being and life that we possess in ourselves.” In the “higher part” of our being, wrote Ruusbroec, we receive “God with all his gifts,”… Continue reading

Is there a difference between faith and faithfulness?

Are we living by faithfulness or are we living by faith? Such a question not only confused the Jews, but it sometimes confuses us today. We can choose, for example, to be faithful, to be outwardly trustworthy and denominationally loyal. We can decide to be disciplined. We can motivate ourselves to moments of perseverance and prudence. These are all part of rational religious believing—and an essential part for all of us.

But such faithfulness… Continue reading

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