Yielding To Christianity

Patricia Hofer


Continuum of consciousness explored in Living Strong.

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Christ, the source of our uniqueness!

In “The Three Personal God,” Lewis explains that “it is only the Christians who have any idea of how human souls can be taken into the life of God and yet remain themselves—in fact, be very much more themselves than they were before.” This rings true in my own experience…walking with the Lord and yielding him a place in my heart has made my individuality clearer and more satisfying than ever before. As Lewis also… Continue reading

“Never cut what can be untied”–blessed are the peacemakers

NEVER CUT WHAT CAN BE UNTIED. The Portuguese are asking a lot of us with this proverb. It doesn’t take many seconds of attempting to untie a knot before we stomp off and grab the scissors! Impatient with some irritating behavior, we cut ourselves off from neighbors, defending some small corner of what we deem to be ours. Our need to be right and politically loyal can cause us to wink at lies and reject… Continue reading

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