Patricia Hofer

A soul defined.

In The Problem of Pain, CS Lewis wrote: “But at this level we must still distinguish sentience from consciousness. …Suppose that three sensations follow one another—first A, then B, then C. …It implies that there is something in you which stands sufficiently outside A to notice A passing away, and sufficiently outside B to notice B now beginning and coming to fill the place which A has vacated; and something which recognizes itself as the same through the transition from A to B and B to C, so it can say ‘I have had the experience ABC’. Now this something is what I call Consciousness or Soul and the process I have just described is one of the proofs that the soul, though experiencing time, is not itself completely ‘timeful’. The simplest experience of ABC as a succession demands a soul which is not itself a mere succession of states, but rather a permanent bed along which these different portions of the stream of sensation roll, and which recognizes itself as the same beneath them all.” (134-135)

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