Patricia Hofer

Christ, a prism that transforms our hearts

In all of God’s creation, we are the ones who “daydream.” We can see hope and promise in rainbows and hum merrily an inspiring melody that comes from an arrangement of sounds. That’s because we are the ones inspired by consciousness. Because of it, we can observe the rhythm of the seasons through the lens of logic. And we can appreciate that the sun’s light is a spectrum of color and not just a bright glare.
Which reminds me of the small prism that a friend gave me. Hanging on its flimsy wire stand, it didn’t look like much. But when I moved it into the garden window in my bedroom, it became alive. Each day it draws in the sunlight and splashes it as rainbows all over the walls and floors and furnishings! And that is how Christ works in our lives. For most of us, understanding and relating to God, the Creator, isn’t always that easy. For some, He seems unknowable, for others maybe aloof or distant, and worst of all even vengeful or angry.
But the Son, operating like a prism, shines God’s divine light into our hearts and into our lives as a “transforming glow,” a multitude of colors. The Lord’s joy and intensity wash through consciousness, flooding us with vibrancy, pushing back at depression and debility. The Lord’s strength radiates throughout our being, protecting us and sustaining us. And the Lord’s love warms our heart, replacing fear and hatred with compassion and forgiveness.
The living Savior’s presence separates out the marvelous “more” of our individuality, turning our reflections of the divine into eternal and unique signatures. All the beautiful colors of who we are come to us through Christ with his fuller, more abundant life (John 10:10).
So we wonder and daydream on our own immortal theme. God’s life hums within our soul, and Christ’s transforming glow makes us more than what we seem. (Living Calm 2016)

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