Patricia Hofer

Christian believing needs to be regularly stirred.

Have you ever wondered how Christian churches can become more vital and alive? Part of the problem may be that members are relying on a finite number of truths, the ones they’ve learned and held since childhood. Or maybe we Christians are allowing ourselves to become too comfortable with the meanings of particular Bible verses, not allowing their meaning to grow and inspire.

Jesus told the disciples to go to a town or village, find the house of someone who is worthy and receptive and “stay there until you leave the place.” He also told them to “remain in the same house … do not move about from house to house” (NRSV Luke 9:4; 10:7). As the disciples shared daily life and meals with this family, eventually the glow of what they were learning and sharing inevitably erupted into the open, causing nearby people to notice. And then the people came to them.

Rather than reaffirming what we have always believed, maybe it’s time for Christians to question all that they have ever believed. Hearts that are stirred, revitalized with new inspiration, glow with the warmth and vitality of Christ.

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