Patricia Hofer

Christ’s miracles unravel the “knotted and twisted coil of the universe”

In “The Miracles of our Lord,” George MacDonald wrote: “I venture to write on our Lord’s miracles in the belief that, seeing they are one of the modes in which his unseen life found expression, through them we are bound to arrive at some knowledge of that life. For he has come, Jesus, the word of God, that we may know God. Every word of his, then, which helps us to know him, helps us to know God. Therefore, we must understand, as far as we may, every one of his words and every one of his actions. I believe this is the immediate end of our creation. And I believe that this will at length result in the unraveling for us of what must now, more or less, appear to every man the knotted and twisted coil of the universe…No miracle was needful for himself. He saw the root of the matter—the care of God. But he revealed this root in a few rare and hastened flowers to the eyes that could not see to the root. In him, there is perfect submission to lower law. But he would occasionally reveal the Father to the children by the introduction of higher laws operating in the upper regions, not separated from ours by an impassable gulf—rather connected by gently ascending stairs, many of whose gradations he could blend in one descent.” (as quoted in Discovering the Character of God, ed. Michael R. Phillips, chapter 10)

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