Patricia Hofer

Circled around by Christ’s embrace

Please, Lord,

Hold me in this calm, secret place, Confident, quiet, and free.

Circled around by your embrace Where there’s only you and me.


Cleanse my sad heart with your spirit; Light it, fill it with your peace.

So when you speak, I can hear it—Selfish distractions all cease.


Free my weary soul from worry, Help me feel you by my side.

Shelter me from stress and hurry, Loving Saviour, strength and guide.


Relieve my mind from managing The tasks I must or would do.

Turn stubborn will into yielding To wonder that comes from you.


Show me my eternal calling. Pour it over me anew,

The grace that keeps me from falling, The restful Spirit that’s you.


Take this, my plea, as your token, Refine it, make it be true.

A vow that cannot be broken, A life lived always with you.

(Patricia Hofer, Living Calm 2016)

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