Patricia Hofer

Conscious of consciousness

We need to have a clearer understanding of where the immortal part of us lies and of what is blocking our view. After his NDE, Eben Alexander wrote: “We can only see what our brain’s filter allows through” (72).

But we don’t all need an NDE to know this. CS Lewis concluded this  in the 1940’s: “Reason is something more than cerebral biochemistry” (Miracles 63).  The quality of our thinking and Rationality, he wrote, are dependent on the “state of the receiving set,” they are “conditioned by the apparatus [the brain] but not originated by it” (Miracles 62).

Human consciousness was originally inspired by God, at the moment of our creation, and it is still being inspired by “the mind of Christ” (1 Cor. 2:16). Embracing that is what Christianity is about and what eternal life is about.

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