Patricia Hofer

Consciousness and Christ

I’ve often found in the writings of George MacDonald a clear distinction between physical life and the spirituality of our consciousness. He so clearly supports this difference in the following statement about death and what goes on to the next life:

“Surely we are not required to believe that the same body is raised again. That is against science, common sense, Scripture. St Paul represents the matter quite otherwise. One feels ashamed of arguing such a puerile point. Who could wish his material body which has indeed died over and over again since he was born, never remaining for one hour composed of the same matter, its endless activity depending upon its endless change, to be fixed as his changeless possession, such as it may then be, at the moment of death, and secured to him in worthless identity for the ages to come? A man’s material body will be to his consciousness at death no more than the old garment he throws aside at night, intending to put on a new and a better in the morning.  UNSPOKEN SERMONS “The God of the Living”

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