Patricia Hofer

Continuity of life

To me, those who hear the Master’s voice are those who are willing, as George MacDonald wrote, to “look into the true heart of [his] miracles.” We must allow for the possibility that Jesus’ works, instead of being violations of nature’s laws were “a possible fulfillment of her deepest laws” (Discovering the Character of God 105).

And it seems clear, at least to me, that we are right now in the presence of these “deepest laws.” As MacDonald continues: “All I want to show here is a conceivable region in which a miracle might take place without any violence done to the order of things. Our power of belief depends greatly on our power of imagining a region in which such things might be” 106).

And I think that is what Jesus Christ was and is asking us to do—to imagine a region where the lower laws of the natural universe and God’s higher laws of spirit are a part of the same process, a part of the same infinite pattern. Our life here then becomes one step of an eternal progression into a world that we can’t now see.

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