Patricia Hofer

CS Lewis on Jesus’ “life which has its own new Nature.”

CS Lewis: “The records represent Christ as passing after death (as no man had passed before) neither into a purely, that is a negatively, ‘spiritual’ mode of existence nor into a ‘natural’ life such as we know, but into a life which has its own new Nature. It represents Him as withdrawing six weeks later, into some different mode of existence. It says—He says—that he goes ‘to prepare a place for us’. This presumably means that He is about to create that whole new Nature which will provide the environment or conditions for His glorified humanity and, in Him, for ours. …We must, indeed, believe the risen body to be extremely different from the mortal body: but the existence, in that new state, of anything that could in any sense be described as ‘body’ at all, involves some sort of spatial relations and in the long run a whole new universe. That is the picture—not of unmaking but of remaking.” (Miracles, 243-44)

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