Patricia Hofer

Each of us have our own “peculiar relation to God.”

George MacDonald: “Not only then has each man his individual relation to God, but each man has his peculiar relation to God. He is to God a peculiar being, made after his own fashion, and that of no one else; for when he is perfected he shall receive the new name which no one else can understand. Hence he can worship God as no man else can worship him,–can understand God as no man else can understand him. This or that man may understand God more, may understand God better than he, but no other man can understand God as he understands him … By his creation, then, each man is isolated with God; each, in respect of his peculiar making, can say, “my God;” each can come to him alone, and speak with him face to face, as a man speaketh with his friend.” (Unspoken Sermons, Series 1, “The New Name”)

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