Patricia Hofer

Equating God and Jesus

Equating God and Jesus, calling both not only Savior but both God was not easy for me at first. I grew up believing that Jesus was Jesus and God was God. I didn’t mix them or overlap them. Eventually, this did not work out well for me. That is why I so desperately needed a saving moment, a complete turnabout in my way of thinking.

But making that change in my mind wasn’t always obvious. And then I found George MacDonald who wrote this about Jesus: “He is God our Saviour: it is because God is our Saviour that Jesus is our Saviour.” And he finished his thought in this way: “The God and Father of Jesus Christ could never possibly be satisfied with less than giving himself to his own!” (Unspoken Sermons, Series II “Life”).

And Jesus the Saviour is still doing so. He is still God, “giving himself to his own.” As far off track as I was, the Lord rescued me. No one is outside God’s love and forgiveness and deliverance.

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