Patricia Hofer

God’s grand intention: the growing and nurturing of our “living soul”

“I wonder what I would be If God did not live in me. Would I dream? Would I wonder? Would I even hope to own A soul through eternity?
Wouldn’t I wander off in fear, Seeking always, far and near, Pushing and shoving my way Along, without a purpose, Nothing that rings true and clear?” (“More than what we seem” ©️ 2009)

What challenges human beings immediately is that we are born, fortunately or unfortunately, with little real understanding of who we were created to be. … At some point, though, each of us slams into the wall of the very natural existence that we’ve so willingly embraced—we’re leveled by its unfairness and unconcerned randomness. … When that happens, God has us where He intends us to be. If physical existence were the Creator’s only purpose for our presence here, we wouldn’t be able to look up and beyond nature, to wonder what’s “out there,” to imagine the something “other” than what’s here. … Even when we’ve lost our faith or never had it in the first place. Behind it all lies the Creator’s grand intention—the growing and nurturing of our “living soul” for eternity. (Living Calm, chapter 35. ©️ 2016)

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