Patricia Hofer

“Healing Christ, deliver me.”

Healing Christ, deliver me.
Spirit whole and sound and free
Deep within my heart abide;
Loose my soul of pain and pride. (©️ 2016; 2005)

Contrary to what we may sometimes hear, God’s intention is not illness. Being sick is never His punishment. Even when we know that we’ve violated some health or safety precaution, we aren’t out of the reach of God’s law of love and forgiveness. … When we stop trying to carry the burden of responsibility ourselves, the Lord delivers us with his sustaining strength, moving the load from our shoulder to his. When, at last, we yield, Christ delivers us with his comforting presence. Wrapping his love around us, he replaces our loneliness and despair with companionship. As Jesus says in John, “My Father is always working, and so am I” (NLT John 5:17). (Living Calm, chapter 5)

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