Patricia Hofer

How do you visualize Jesus’ promise of “many mansions” or “many floors” or “many rooms”?

CS Lewis, Miracles, chapter 16,”Miracles of the New Creation”
“We are prepared, on the one hand, for the sort of reality that Naturalists believe in. That is a one-floor reality: this present Nature is all that there is. We are also prepared for reality as ‘religion’ conceives it: a reality with a ground floor (Nature) and then above that one other floor and one only—an eternal, spaceless, timeless, spiritual Something of which we can have no images and which, if it presents itself to human consciousness at all, does so in a mystical experience which shatters all our categories of thought. What we are not prepared for is anything in between.” (251) “…it is very difficult to see any rational grounds for the dogma that reality must have no more than two levels. There cannot, from the nature of the case, be evidence that God never created and never will create, more than one system. …In that way there might be Natures piled upon Natures to any height God pleased, each Supernatural to that below it and Subnatural to that which surpassed it” (252). “Granted there are different Natures, different levels of being, distinct but not always discontinuous—granted that Christ withdrew from one of these to another, that His withdrawal from one was indeed the first step in His creation of the other—what precisely should we expect the onlookers to see?” (254). Jesus assures us: “My Father’s house has many rooms: if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you?” (NIV John 14:2)
 “Can reincarnation and near death experiences be Christian?” 

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