Patricia Hofer

Is Christianity “one-dimensional” or “twp

In Mere Christianity, CS LEWIS offers us a helpful, contemporary metaphor for continuing life by using geometric dimensions. A one-dimensional straight line becomes one of four lines in a two-dimensional square and then part of the six squares that make up the faces of a three-dimensional cube. And then LEWIS continued: “In other words, as you advance to more real and more complicated levels, you do not leave behind you the things you found on the simpler levels: you still have them, but combined in new ways—in ways you could not imagine if you knew only the simpler levels” (Mere Christianity 126). In a similar way, Jesus describes the spiritual life of God’s kingdom with the metaphor of grain, “first the stalk, then the head, then the full kernel in the head” (NIV Mark 4:28). But we, simple seeds clinging to dried up hulls, refuse to embrace the big and continuing picture.

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