Patricia Hofer

Moved by Christ’s spirit and still progressive.

Christians can be progressive and still be moved by the spirit. The desire of main stream churches to progress, to integrate into a 21st century religious environment, is an important one. But drowning the mystery that is Christ in a pile of social reform isn’t going to make that happen. I believe Christ is a living Saviour—one before us, beside us and within us. Christianity is the spirit of Christ operating in human hearts. The progressive facet, for me, is seeing beyond a view of heaven and hell that was largely created in the Middle Ages. It is appreciating that the individuality of consciousness (separate from the brain) is our living soul breathed into us by God. But the bed rock of Christian believing is Christ’s spirit finding room in our hearts. His presence in our heart and at our side is the personal holiness we so desperately seek. When it happens, the overflow evidences itself in a social holiness that blesses everyone around us.

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