Patricia Hofer

Opening our heart to the “near by” Presence of the Lord.

I do love reading the Christian believing that inspired Christians and mystics have shared throughout the centuries. But that isn’t enough. What I need every day is the Presence of the Lord. And poems and melodies such as this one tune me in to that comforting presence–opening my heart to the “near by” Christ.
“I need thee every hour,
most gracious Lord;
no tender voice like thine
can peace afford.
I need thee, O I need thee,
every hour I need thee!
O bless me now, my Savior–
I come to thee!
I need thee every hour;
stay thou near by;
temptations lose their power
when thou art nigh. (Refrain)
I need thee every hour;
teach me thy will,
and thy rich promises
in me fulfill.” (Refrain)
(Annie Hawks 1872_

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