Patricia Hofer

Post-denominationalism & Christ

Recently I’ve been hearing about the coming of  “post-denominationalism.” It does concern me that in my small town we must have so many Christian denominations, little boxes filled with a few people. Wouldn’t it be great if these Christians could at least embrace each other?

This doctrine-inspired isolation is not new. George Macdonald talked about it over a hundred years ago. He wrote: “Is Christianity a system of articles of belief? Never. It would be better for a man to hold the most obnoxious untruths, opinions the most irreverent, if at the same time he lived in the faith of the Son of God, … than for him to hold every formula of belief perfectly true, and yet know nothing of a daily life and walk with God… For when you say that, to be saved, one must hold to this or that notion, you are putting your trust in some idea about God, rather than in the living God and his will.” (Phillips, Heart, 20-21)

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