Patricia Hofer

Soren Kierkegaard on faith as a leap “into the absurd”

Soren Kierkegaard on the leap “into the absurd”: “For my part, I can very well describe the movements of faith, but I cannot make them. If one wants to learn how to swim, one can let oneself be suspended in a sling from the ceiling and very well go through the motions, but one is not swimming…I cannot make the movement of faith, I cannot shut my eyes and plunge confidently into the absurd; that is for me an impossibility, but I do not praise myself for it. I am convinced that God is love; this thought has for me a primordial lyrical validity. When It is present to me I am unspeakably happy; when it is absent I long for it more intensely than the lover for the object of his love. But I do not believe; this courage I lack.” (Fear and Trembling, 31–As quoted in David Brooks’ “The Second Mountain”)

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