Patricia Hofer

Spirituality? The next step in human experience?

“Maybe it’s time to expand our view of what the next step in human experience looks like. Maybe it’s time to anticipate what lies ahead of us as a continuing opportunity. Paul writes, “If there’s a physical body, there’s also a spiritual body…The first human was from the earth made from dust; the second human is from heaven. The nature of the person made of dust is shared by people who are made of dust, and the nature of the heavenly person is shared by heavenly people. We will look like the heavenly person in the same way as we have looked like the person made from dust” (CEB 1 Cor. 15:44, 47-49).
And many near death experiencers, from all walks of life and religious beliefs, have found this to be true. These people find beauty and peace in an intermediate place that is filled with recognizable individuals. And after the experience, they return to this life with an overwhelming sense of God’s all encompassing love and forgiveness.” 

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