Patricia Hofer

The difference between God and humans.

“The law of relationship between us humans and God is as follows: Major Premise: There is an infinite, radical, qualitative difference between God and humans. this means that we can achieve absolutely nothing; it is God who gives everything. It is he who brings forth a person’s faith, and so forth. This is grace, and this is Christianity’s major premise. Minor Premise: Although we can merit nothing, unconditionally nothing, we can, in faith, dare in all childlikeness to be involved with God….If the major premise is everything, [and the minor premise is ignored] then God becomes so infinitely great that there can be no relationship between God and the individual human being. The life of the single individual never gets off the ground. It can be fraud to elevate God so high. The difficulty is to have an infinite conception of God’s majesty and of Christ’s glory and then [the minor premise] the childlike openness to become involved with them in your own personal life in a wholly childlike way” (Soren Kierkegaard , Journals and Papers II, 113).

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