Patricia Hofer

The living Savior frees and strengthens our “living soul”

Please, Lord,
Free my weary soul from worry,
Help me feel you by my side.
Shelter me from stress and hurry,
Loving Saviour, strength and guide. (©️ 2016)

As much as we might start out with the idea that our parents know what we’re thinking … it also isn’t long before we realize that who we really are inside and what we really think is unknowable to others…. What I learned, though, is that our “living soul,” the consciousness that God inspired, isn’t meant to be a static, rigid place. This eternal, hidden part of our individuality needs, instead, to be more like a living underground cavern, something that contains the flowing water of regeneration and change. And I think that is what Jesus was telling the Samaritan woman when he offered her the “living water” that “bubbles up into eternal life” (CEB John 4:10-14).
The Lord is the only one who knows what we are really thinking, the burden our soul is carrying around. And Christ’s spirit of “living water” is always present there in our heart, always ready to cleanse, strengthen, and transform us. We just need to be thirsty enough, and lonely enough, to allow that to happen. (Living Calm, chapter 58)

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