Patricia Hofer

The real meaning of the “dry bones”

Moved by “the Spirit of the Lord,” Ezekiel became the prophet who flooded his prophecies with a challenging array of colorful (and often threatening) images. … But, in this abundance of imagery, Ezekiel is not really talking about trees and lions and faulty mortar. He is picturing enemies and corruption that threaten the house of Israel. … The prophet foresaw that the remnant of Israelites who would return from Babylon would find a demolished Temple in a decaying Jerusalem. These returning people had been captive in the “graves” of Babylon for more than a generation. They would be dispirited, like “dry bones.” So Ezekiel, at his most inspired and encouraging best, visualizes the Lord’s promise when he prophecies that the nation of Israel would be reborn, reinvigorated. …The “dry bones” would breathe again, said Ezekiel. The Spirit of the Lord, Ruah, would revitalize the people who had lived in captivity. … In Ezekiel’s vision, it was the house of Israel that would “breath” again as one nation, one body.


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