Patricia Hofer

The “restful spirit” of our “Loving Saviour”

Please, Lord,
🔆Hold me in this calm, secret place,
Confident, quiet, and free.
Circled around by your embrace
Where there’s only you and me.
🔆Cleanse my sad heart with your spirit;
Light it, fill it with your peace.
So when you speak, I can hear it—
Selfish distractions all cease.
🔆Free my weary soul from worry,
Help me feel you by my side.
Shelter me from stress and hurry,
Loving Saviour, strength and guide.
🔆Relieve my mind from managing
The tasks I must or would do.
Turn stubborn will into yielding
To wonder that comes from you.
🔆Show me my eternal calling.
Pour it over me anew,
The grace that keeps me from falling,
The restful Spirit that’s you.
🔆Take this, my plea, as your token,
Refine it, make it be true.
A vow that cannot be broken,
A life lived always with you.
🔆Patricia Hofer (Living Calm, ©️2016)

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