Patricia Hofer

The treasure of consciousness

The spirit of Christ’s presence, in our minds and in our lives, is calling us, drawing us to his Father.  But our natural life, filled with “the treasures upon earth” (Matt. 6:19), is a tempting place. Most of the time, we like it here. And yet we know, because of “moth and rust” and “thieves,” this worldly life cannot endure. So what or where is that other treasure, that other life that isn’t subject to decay?

Believers have often seen it as heaven, a future place. But I think it is more immediate than that. For Paul tells us in Romans: “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind” (NIV Rom. 12:2). The enduring and transforming treasure that each human being has is our conscious mind–the individuality inside you that you know is you, even though others will never see it. This is the continuing individuality that Christ is “renewing” day by day. The Lord’s freshness of mind and vigor of life is always flowing into our consciousness. It’s time to listen, to give the Lord our undivided attention.

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