Patricia Hofer

And God isn’t “done making” us yet.

THERE IS NEVER A FISH WITHOUT A BONE, AND NO MAN WITHOUT FAULTS. We have the Norwegians to thank for this clear image. It explains why some people don’t like fish. And, similarly, not everyone is going to like us—just too many irritating faults and flaws.
Why is that? Because He is not done with us yet. George MacDonald has tucked a wonderful description of this in Donal Grant, one of his fictional works. In Sunday school Mr. Grant referred to the time when God would be “done making me.” The child Davie exclaimed, “Is God making you yet, Mr. Grant? I thought you were a grown-up man!” Mr. Grant’s answer warms the heart: “… what is inside me, the thing I love you with, and the thing I think about God with, and the thing I love poetry with, the thing I read the Bible with—that thing God keeps on making bigger and bigger … That thing is me, and God will keep on making it bigger to all eternity, though he has not even got me into right shape yet” (Knowing the Heart of God, 168).
Indeed, we’re all far from being in the “right shape.” As Jesus says, “I have come to call not the righteous but sinners to repentance” (NRSV Luke 5:32). And that is likely because there aren’t any truly righteous ones to call. We’re none of us finished yet!
(As quoted in Turning Aside to See, chapter 11, ©️ 2011)

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