Patricia Hofer

God’s forgiveness is enough for one day

GUILT IS LIKE THE FOOTPRINT OF A HIPPOPOTAMUS. We have the Nigerians to thank for this clear image. … As CS Lewis wrote: “No, depend upon it; when the saints say that they—even they—are vile, they are recording truth with scientific accuracy” (Problem of Pain, “Human Wickedness”). But, as Jesus says, “One day’s trouble is enough for one day” (Phillips, Matt. 6:34).
For me, this means that God’s forgiveness is enough for one day as well. And so this day’s repentance opens us to this day’s purity of heart. … The calm and peace we get from the Lord’s forgiveness is enough for one day, but it doesn’t store up. And so we must pray daily along with George MacDonald in his “Evening Hymn” (Discovering the Character of God, 308):
“What I have done, Lord, make it clean
With thy forgiveness dear;
That so today what might have been,
Tomorrow may appear.”
(As quoted in Turning Aside to See, chapter 23, ©️ 2011)

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