Patricia Hofer

George MacDonald explains why it’s “possible to accept miracles”

George MacDonald: “I will try, in a few words, to give the ground on which I find it possible to accept miracles. … All I want to show here is a conceivable region in which a miracle might take place without violence done to the order of things. Our power of belief depends greatly on our power of imagining a region in which such things might be. … No miracle was needful for himself [Jesus]. But he would occasionally reveal the Father to the children by the introduction of higher laws operating in the upper regions, not separated from ours by an impassable gulf—rather connected by gently ascending stairs, many of whose gradations he could blend in one descent. … Men must believe in the great works of the Father through the little works of the Son, all that he showed was little to what God was doing.” (Discovering the Character of God, p. 107; quoted from The Miracles of our Lord, “The Government of Nature”)

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