Patricia Hofer

“God’s life hums within our soul”

More than what we seem

I wonder what I would be if God did not live in me. Would I dream? Would I wonder? Would I even hope to own a soul through eternity?

Wouldn’t I wander off in fear, seeking always, far and near, pushing and shoving my way along, without a purpose, nothing that rings true and clear?

I wonder what I would be without Christ alive in me, without his way of seeing, without his loving, unique Individuality.

With his star not in my soul, what would make my being whole? I’d not know and I’d not care as I lived alone, apart, that there was no higher goal.

God be praised! That is not me, never what He meant to be on that bright and shining day when He breathed His breath of life into all humanity.

Then, lest we forget what’s done, He sends Christ, His blessed Son. Day by day he shines the way straight into our Father’s heart, hope and home for everyone.

So we wonder and daydream on our own immortal theme. God’s life hums within our soul, and Christ’s transforming glow makes us more than what we seem.

(Yielding to Wonder, © 2009)


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