Patricia Hofer

NDE’s and Christianity

I’ve found it rather amazing that some Christian believers discount near-death experiences because they don’t describe or visualize what comes after death in a doctrinally acceptable way! And yet even the prophets in the Old Testament, and Peter and Paul and others in the New Testament, were just trying to describe, as best they could, what they were experiencing. And so we need to make room in our Christian believing for its unimaginable and miraculous complexity.

As GK Chesterton, the lodestar of Orthodoxy, wrote: “Everywhere in things there is this element of the quiet and incalculable… Now, this is exactly the claim which I have since come to propound for Christianity. Not merely that it deduces logical truths, but that when it suddenly becomes illogical, it has found, so to speak, an illogical truth” (61).


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