Patricia Hofer

Our gift of inspired consciousness

“The Lord God is my strength,
 and He has made my feet like hinds’ feet,
 and makes me walk on my high places (NAS Hab. 3:19. Some Bible translations replace “high places” with “heights.” Others use the more earthbound image of “steep mountains.” … Extending the metaphor further, we could also see these “high places” as the God-inspired thoughts and individuality of human consciousness. As CS Lewis concluded in his book Miracles, “human thought is not God’s but God-kindled” (44). This higher, human capacity to reason or make inferences in our “own thinking” is not a “natural event.” It is a God-created gift, a “daily and hourly experience, as intimate as breathing” (Miracles 65). Within our gift of inspired consciousness, the Spirit of Christ is always speaking to us, encouraging us to purer deeds and kinder motives. We are either listening, opening ourselves to this higher region of inspired thought, or we are not. That is the basic choice that underlies all choices. (Drawn from Living Strong, chapter 16. ©️ 2014)

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