Patricia Hofer

The light “back to the original life”

George MacDonald wrote: “Is Christianity capable of being represented by opinion, even the best? If it were, how many of us are such as God would choose to represent his thoughts and intents by our opinions concerning them?… Do you ask, ‘What is faith in him?’ I answer, The leaving of your way, your objects, your self, and the taking of his and him; the leaving of your trust in men, in money, in opinion, in character, in atonement itself, and doing as he tells you. I can find no words strong enough to serve for the weight of this necessity–this obedience. … This is and has been the Father’s work from the beginning–to bring us into the home of his heart, where he shares the glories of life with the Living One, in whom was born life to light men back to the original life.” (Unspoken Sermons, Series II, The Truth in Jesus)

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