Patricia Hofer

The Capacity of Consciousness

My experience is that religious believing is more intimidated than it should be by the materialism of scientific research.  There is nothing wrong with the idea that our brain is the product of evolutionary development. The falsity is the belief that the brain is the originator of who we are, the source of our conscious individuality and spirituality.

As Mario Beauregard, a neuroscientist wrote, “The fact is materialism is stalled. It neither has any useful hypotheses for the human mind or spiritual experiences nor comes close to developing one…. But the good news is that, in the absence of materialism, there are hopeful signs that spirituality can indeed be entered and explored with modern neuroscience” (The Spiritual Brain xiv).

And the other good news is that the capacity to enter and explore who we are is a divine one, God given and Christ initiated.

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